tirsdag, juni 16, 2015

Mason Draft 2 ready for use

I am happy to announce that Mason (the JSON + hypermedia format) is now ready for use in Draft 2. See https://github.com/JornWildt/Mason/blob/master/Documentation/Mason-draft-2.md.

For those that haven't heard about Mason before - please take a look at https://github.com/JornWildt/Mason. Mason is a JSON based format with conventions for representing API data and hypermedia control elements.

This version combines links, actions and link templates into one single @controls object. As the name indicates this object contains all the hypermedia elements that control the application.

This move to @controls makes it possible to combine link templates with POST data - and should make it easier to parse and represent hypermedia elements in code.

There are currently no further ideas in the pipeline that could change how things are represented in Mason. Future versions may though add new features.

Feedback is as always appreciated :-)

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